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Amador Hop Flavored Whiskey

Amador Hop Flavored Whiskey

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At the illustrious Amador Whiskey Company, devotion to whiskey-making perfection knows no bounds. Forging powerful collaborations with exceptional craft distillers, Amador consistently unveils limited-edition whiskies that redefine luxury. Their 9th masterful release, sculpted by the unparalleled touch of Master Distiller Marko Karakasevic from Charbay Distillery in Ukiah, California, stands as an epitome of this commitment. An avant-garde blend, it marries 90% malted 2-row barley whiskey with a fascinating 10% hop-infused whiskey, born from a distinct Californian IPA beer. This exceptional spirit is then matured for 2.5 years in fine French oak, culminating its maturation journey with a 6-month rendezvous in former Napa Chardonnay wine barrels. Behold, this rare 10 barrel release - a Californian whiskey spectacle, effusing intricate notes of brown spice, vanilla, dried fruits, and the signature kick of hops.

Nose: Upon uncorking, the whiskey unfolds a delicate ballet of French oak integration. Its visual allure, a deep heavy toast brown, provides a preamble to the symphony of aromas about to grace the senses.

Palate: Absence of char in the barrels unfurls a plethora of flavors, making every sip a tale in itself. Prominent notes of honey and dried fruit initiate the experience, swiftly joined by whispers of smoke. As it unfurls further, the silken touch of vanilla, reminiscent of its time in the barrel, melds seamlessly with the roasted barley. But the pièce de résistance? The union of hops with brown spices, crafting an intoxicatingly spicy profile.

Finish: A grandiose conclusion awaits – lasting, enveloping, and utterly captivating. It leaves the palate coated, echoing the myriad flavors experienced, urging for yet another sip.

Overall: The 9th release from Amador Whiskey Company is more than just a drink; it's a journey through California's craft legacy, a dance of flavors, and an ode to the artistry of blending. This whiskey, in every sense, is a tribute to the meticulous passion and innovation of Amador, making every drop a celebration of Californian craftsmanship.

Bottle Engraving: And, for those looking for an added personal touch, Amador bottles come with the exclusive option to engrave both above and below the labels, making each bottle an excellent gift.

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