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Gold Spot 9 Year Irish Whiskey

Gold Spot 9 Year Irish Whiskey

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Introducing Mitchell's Gold Spot Limited-Edition Whiskey, a tribute to the Mitchell family's 135-year legacy in whiskey bonding and their historic partnership with the Jameson Distillery. This special release embodies the tradition of marking casks with colored 'spots' to indicate age potential, while the color gold signifies the enduring quality and prestige that has been passed down through seven generations.

The Art of Maturation: This unique expression is a nod to the past and a glimpse into the future of whiskey innovation. It is crafted using new single pot still spirit, matured in wine and fortified wine casks in the Mitchell family's underground cellars. The result is a whiskey that captures the essence of single pot still Irish whiskey, enriched by the complexities imparted by the fortified wine casks.

Nose: The initial aroma is a captivating blend of traditional Irish whiskey notes, mingled with the subtle, fruity undertones from the fortified wine casks.

Palate: The first sip unveils a complex array of flavors—robust pot still character harmoniously blended with the rich nuances of wine and fortified wine cask maturation.

Finish: The finale is a grand composition of single pot still Irish whiskey, leaving a smooth and enduring impression that invites you back for another sip, offering a dignified and lasting conclusion to each tasting.

Bottle Engraving: The exquisitely designed bottle serves as an ideal canvas for personalized engraving. The space above the label allows for a unique inscription, transforming this already extraordinary whiskey into a bespoke keepsake that will be cherished by any whiskey lover.

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