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Russel's Reserve 13 Year Barrel Proof Bourbon

Russel's Reserve 13 Year Barrel Proof Bourbon

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Introducing Russell's Reserve 13 Year Barrel Proof Bourbon, a masterful creation by Legendary Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell. With over a century of combined experience, they have crafted this exceptional bourbon that has been aged for a minimum of 13 years. This expression boasts an ABV of 57.4%, making it a rich and warm experience best savored in its purest form.

Aged for a minimum of 13 years, this bourbon is a testament to the Russell's commitment to quality and the art of whiskey-making. The extended aging process allows it to develop a rich, complex flavor profile that sets it apart as a high-quality spirit.

Nose: The initial aroma offers a captivating blend of caramel, vanilla, and oak, inviting you to delve deeper into its complexity.

Palate: The first sip reveals a robust array of flavors—rich caramel, vanilla, and oak harmoniously blended, creating a luxurious and layered tasting experience.

Finish: The finale is a grand composition of lingering warmth and rich flavors, leaving a lasting impression that beckons you back for another sip.

Bottle Engraving: The beautifully crafted bottle of Russell's Reserve 13 Year Barrel Proof Bourbon is an ideal canvas for personalized engraving. The space on the bottle allows for your unique message, transforming this already extraordinary bourbon into a bespoke keepsake that will be cherished by any whiskey lover.

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