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Wild Turkey Master's Keep Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Wild Turkey Master's Keep Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

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Wild Turkey Master's Keep is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, a testament to the legacy and vision of the Russell family. This exceptional bourbon is the brainchild of Eddie Russell, inspired by the preferences of his father, Master Distiller Jimmy Russell.

Heritage: Jimmy Russell's fondness for mid-aged bourbons has always been evident in the selections he's championed. Honoring this legacy, Eddie meticulously chose barrels that had matured for a period between 9 and 10 years, capturing the essence of his father's palate.

Innovation: Yet, Eddie's own inclination leans towards the intricate and layered flavors that only time can bestow upon a bourbon. To this end, he handpicked a select batch of 14-year-old whiskey, known for its depth and complexity.

Artistry: The magic of Master's Keep lies in the union of these two distinct profiles. Eddie masterfully blended the two age profiles and then took an extra step, a nod to innovation: a second maturation in new oak barrels. These barrels were specially toasted, not just charred, to impart a nuanced, sophisticated finish to the bourbon.

Tasting Notes: The result is a bourbon that is rich and robust, with the vibrant energy of the younger spirits and the profound complexity of the older ones. The second maturation in the toasted barrels adds layers of caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak, culminating in a finish that is smooth yet intricate.

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