Abasolo Mexican Corn Whisky

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Abasolo Mexican Whiskey is a testament to the rich heritage and craft of Mexican distillation. Crafted with the pride and purity of 100% Mexican Cacahuazintle corn, this whiskey is a genuine ode to its origins. Matured meticulously in untouched oak casks, every drop of Abasolo embodies the warmth of the Mexican sun and the spirit of its land.

Nose: As you approach, whispers of native Cacahuazintle corn gently arise, hinting at the wholesome journey ahead, laced with the promise of roasted flavors.

Palate: The first touch to the palate reveals a symphony of flavors. Sweet notes of honey are complemented by the robust essence of black tea. As the layers unfold, hints of creamy vanilla come to the fore, dancing harmoniously with undertones of leather and the signature roasted corn, crafting a multifaceted taste profile.

Finish: Abasolo's finish is a reflection of its rich character — lingering, warm, and enveloping, leaving behind a desire to relive the sensation.

Overall: Abasolo Mexican Whiskey isn’t just a drink; it's an experience, a journey through the heart of Mexico. Each sip invites one to delve into its rich history, savoring the dedication and craft that is quintessentially Abasolo.

Bottle Engraving: The design of the Abasolo bottle speaks volumes of its inherent elegance, with its sleek rectangular silhouette offering a canvas for personal expression. For those who wish to elevate this fine whiskey into a bespoke keepsake, there's ample space for engraving right below the label, turning the bottle into a unique memento.