Aberlour 16 Year Double Cask Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Aberlour, an embodiment of Scotland's heart and soul in every bottle, introduces its captivating 16 Year Old variant. This iteration, housed within a bottle exuding age-old charm, carries a liquid gold hue, a testament to years of maturation, exuding whispers of Speyside's rich heritage.

Speyside's Harmony: Aberlour 16 is the brand's poetic expression of time and patience. Maturing the spirit in a combination of Oloroso Sherry and American oak casks, Aberlour 16 harmoniously bridges tradition, and innovation, creating a beautiful juxtaposition of flavors.

Nose: The first encounter draws you into a world of autumnal orchards, with hints of baked apple and pear, interwoven with subtle undertones of butterscotch and a wisp of gentle smoke.

Palate: Delving into a sip, the palate of Aberlour 16 is serenaded with the mellowness of rich dark fruit, toasted almonds, and a touch of dark chocolate. The American oak introduces hints of vanilla and caramel, adding to the whisky's layered complexity.

Finish: As the journey concludes, it leaves a memorable warmth, reminiscent of toasted oak and spiced fruit cake, ensuring a graceful and lingering goodbye.

Character: Nestled in the Speyside region, Aberlour's craftmanship reflects its environment. Aberlour 16 emanates the very essence of its origin, embodying the serenity of the surrounding forests and the purity of the Ben Rinnes springs.

Legacy: With over a century of whisky-making, Aberlour's heritage is present in every drop of this 16 Year Old expression. The dedication to preserving time-honored methods while embracing innovation is evident in this meticulously crafted whisky.

Pairing Suggestions: Aberlour 16, with its rich palate, pairs beautifully with mature cheeses, dark chocolate truffles, or even a hearty beef stew. Its depth and character make it not just a drink but an experience, a celebration of Scotland in a glass.

Bottle Engraving: Aberlour 16 meticulously designed bottle, crafted from premium quality glass, serves as an ideal canvas for bottle engraving. The generous space above the label provides ample room for a personalized message, turning an already exceptional scotch whisky into a tailored gift that's bound to delight any whisky aficionado.