Adictivo Extra Rare Double Black 14 Year Tequila

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Welcome to Adictivo Extra Rare Double Black 14 Year Tequila, where the depths of time meet the allure of the abyss. This expression, aged for an impressive fourteen years and intensified in its character, captures the essence of devotion, creating a spirit that's both enigmatic and unparalleled. Dive into a world where the heart of tequila is deepened by the shadows, revealing a symphony of aged opulence.

Color: Revel in its intense ebony hue, reminiscent of moonless nights over the vast Jalisco terrain.

Aroma: Inhale the captivating wafts of dark cocoa, black cherries, and aged tobacco, seamlessly blended with the profound undertones of an agave spirit matured to its zenith. Experience the mystique of Double Black tequila, evoking memories of hidden vaults and the promise of a velvety rendezvous.

Taste: Savor the initial depth of charred oak that leads into a cascade of black currant, leather, and a hint of black pepper. The extensive aging process, combined with its intensified character, unveils a labyrinth of flavors, where every note resonates with the next, creating a palate that's both profound and enthralling.

Finish: Relish the long, lingering aftertaste filled with a harmonious blend of molasses, smoky embers, and the richness of aged agave—a luxurious and enigmatic expression of Adictivo Extra Rare Double Black 14 Year Tequila.

Crafted with unwavering passion, Adictivo handpicks its agaves and allows its tequila an extended rest in oak barrels, achieving a Double Black Extra Añejo of unmatched depth and allure. This commitment to perfection results in a tequila that stands as a testament to dedication and artistry.

For an experience that transcends the ordinary, savor this tequila neat, allowing its dark essence to unveil its many secrets. Please drink responsibly.

Bottle Engraving: Embodying the spirit of depth and mystery, this bottle can be specially engraved to commemorate your tequila journey into the unknown. Engraving is usually placed in front above the label.