Adictivo Plata Tequila

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Welcome to Adictivo Plata Tequila, where purity meets the vibrant spirit of agave. This expression, untouched by the passage of time, captures the essence of nature's raw beauty, creating a spirit that's both crisp and vivacious. Dive into a world where the unadulterated character of tequila shines brightly, revealing a symphony of fresh notes.

Color: Revel in its crystal-clear brilliance, reminiscent of pristine mornings over the Jalisco valleys.

Aroma: Inhale the invigorating wafts of fresh agave, harmoniously blended with hints of citrus and green herbs. Experience the freshness of Plata tequila, evoking memories of dew-kissed fields and the promise of a lively sip.

Taste: Savor the initial burst of clean agave that leads into a cascade of lemon zest, white pepper, and a touch of mint. The unaged nature imparts a spirited vivacity, where every note dances with the next, creating a palate that's both lively and refreshing.

Finish: Relish the clean, crisp aftertaste filled with a harmonious blend of fresh agave and subtle citrus notes—a pristine and modern expression of Adictivo Plata Tequila.

Crafted with dedication, Adictivo selects its agaves from the heart of Jalisco, ensuring a Plata tequila of unparalleled clarity and zest. This commitment to quality results in a tequila that stands as a testament to nature and craftsmanship.

For a refreshing experience, enjoy this tequila in a classic margarita, allowing its pure essence to be the star, or savor it neat to fully appreciate its character. Please drink responsibly.

Bottle Engraving: Embodying the spirit of purity and vibrancy, this bottle can be specially engraved to commemorate your tequila adventures. Engraving is usually placed in front above the label.