Amador Chardonnay Barrel Finished Bourbon Whiskey

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In their unwavering quest for sheer brilliance, Amador Whiskey Company forges alliances with elite distillers to curate luxury whiskies in limited, prized batches. Emerging as a beacon of this commitment is Amador's Double Barrel – an embodiment of traditional low rye bourbon, aged to perfection over three years in fresh charred American oak barrels. This foundation instills rich nuances of vanilla, black cherry, and caramel. Its journey further unfolds, refined in the embrace of medium-toast French oak Cabernet barrels for nearly a year, adding layers of vanilla and unparalleled silkiness. The artful "double barrel" maturation culminates in a tapestry of flavors, interweaving the essences of each barrel into a bourbon that transcends its components. Bearing the marks of its heritage, this Double Barrel Kentucky Bourbon, accentuated with a Cabernet finish, boasts a distinguished mash bill: 72% corn, 13% rye, and 15% barley.

Nose: A lavish palette of scents welcomes the enthusiast. The deep copper brown hue kissed with the red of Cabernet barrels, sets the stage. Dominant notes of vanilla are swiftly complemented by the warmth of toasted oak.

Palate: From the first encounter, it's a harmonious ballet of flavors. Vanilla takes the lead, swiftly followed by a rising symphony of caramel, only to be topped by the luxurious taste of crème brûlée. As the story unfolds, spices interplay, crafting a multi-dimensional experience.

Finish: The conclusion is a masterpiece – extended, profound, and enveloping. The amalgamation of caramel, crème brûlée, and spice lingers, creating an aftertaste that's both complex and layered.

Overall: Amador's Double Barrel is not merely a bourbon; it is a testament to time-honored craftsmanship, the pursuit of the sublime, and the art of harmonious blending. Each sip is an invitation, a beckoning into the heart of Amador's rich legacy and passion.

Bottle Engraving: And, for those looking for an added personal touch, Amador bottles come with the exclusive option to engrave both above and below the labels, making each bottle an excellent gift.