Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whiskey

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In the heart of Texas, the Balcones Distillery resurrects a whiskey tradition untouched since Prohibition. With Baby Blue, they've breathed new life into the world of whiskey using roasted blue corn, resulting in a depth and sophistication that showcases the best of American distilling traditions. This oil-rich maize endows Baby Blue with a signature round nuttiness, peppered with roasted subtleties and intricate layers of flavor. Deliberately young, its character is bold yet refined, presenting a mouthfeel that is luxuriously viscous and concludes with a velvety finish. This whiskey stands as a proud Texan original, bringing a fresh perspective to classic distilling.

Tasting Notes:
Color: A translucent amber.
Aroma: A fusion of nutty richness with clear roasted overtones.
Palate: Distinct notes of nuttiness from the blue corn, complemented by roasted undertones and an intricate flavor profile.
Finish: Smooth, lingering, and tender, reflecting its youthful spirit.

Bottle Engraving: Balcones's Baby Blue bottle, with its smooth rounded contours, conveys a sense of minimalistic elegance. While engraving opportunities on the front are somewhat limited — a modest space available just above the label — the side of the bottle offers the best canvas for personalization. Here, heartfelt messages or designs can be beautifully etched, ensuring the whiskey is not just savored for its taste, but also cherished as a memento or a personalized gesture.