Balcones Brimstone Smoked Texas Whiskey

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Deep within Texas, where the sun casts long shadows and the land tells tales of a time gone by, emerges Balcones Brimstone. This whiskey, unparalleled in its creation, is a homage to the spirit and tenacity of Texas. It's a whiskey shaped by the relentless Texas sun and the unique smoking process using sun-baked Texas scrub oak. Brimstone captures the essence of a bold smokiness, seamlessly intertwined with the youthful zest of corn and whispers of fruity undertones. It's designed for those whose souls resonate with adventures and uncharted territories. If smoky undertones beckon you or if you're merely seeking a flavor that's bold and audacious, then Brimstone promises an experience that's both distinct and unforgettable.

Tasting Notes:
Color: A fiery deep amber, reminiscent of the Texan sunset.
Aroma: Intriguing layers of masa, quintessential Texas campfire, coupled with nuances of powdered sugar, stone fruit, finishing with a sprinkle of peppery spice and mint.
Palate: A pronounced smoky flavor, harmoniously paired with the vibrancy of young corn and subtle fruit nuances.
Finish: It leaves a lingering memory, rich in its smokiness with an aftertaste of peppery spice.

Bottle Engraving: Balcones Brimstone's bottle, an embodiment of tradition with a hint of contemporary flair, offers a unique opportunity for personalization. The front holds a reserved space just above the label for succinct messages, but its side extends a canvas for more elaborate engravings. By doing so, the bottle is transformed from a mere vessel of an exquisite drink to a timeless memento, echoing the stories and sentiments of its beholder.