Balcones Mirador Pot Distilled Single Malt Texas Whiskey

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From the heart of Balcones emerges Mirador, a tribute to the art and intricacies of whisky aging. This unique creation showcases the deftness of the "second fill barrel malt profile." Even though the age of whiskies that make up Mirador spans from a youthful under 2 years to an evolved near 5 years, their residence in "used casks" imparts a mellow oak profile. This subtle embrace of oak is surprisingly softer and more refined than some of our whiskies that boast just half its age. Mirador is a testimony to the idea that age is but a number; it's the journey and experiences that mold character.

Tasting Notes:
Color: A golden hue, indicative of its gentle aging process.
Aroma: Subdued oak, presenting a harmonious blend with the soft scents of the malt.
Palate: Gentle undertones of oak, complemented by the richness of malt, creating a balanced symphony.
Finish: Delicate yet lasting, with the whispered promise of oak and time.

Bottle Engraving: The Mirador bottle, a fusion of timeless elegance and modern aesthetics, invites personal touches. There's a reserved enclave just above the label for those brief, heartfelt messages. Meanwhile, the broader side of the bottle serves as a canvas for more intricate engravings. Such personalization elevates the bottle from being a mere container of exceptional whisky to a cherished keepsake, capturing stories and sentiments.