Balcones Rum Cask Finished Single Malt Texas Whiskey

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At the heart of Balcones lies an unwavering dedication to Single Malt whisky, a passion that has fueled our spirit for years. Yet, the spirit of innovation led us down paths less traveled, including a dalliance with the iconic American spirit: Rum. After crafting a few select batches of our distinguished Texas Rum, an inspiration struck — why not introduce our beloved Single Malt to these same casks? The outcome is a marriage of two exceptional spirits, culminating in a Texas Whisky of unparalleled character. Presented at cask strength, this bold Single Malt entices with its tantalizing notes of rock candy, spice cake, and whispers of toasted oak.

Tasting Notes:
Color: A rich, radiant amber reflecting its dual heritage.
Aroma: Evocative hints of rock candy and spice cake meld seamlessly with undertones of toasted oak.
Palate: A robust melody of sweetness and spice, each sip a testament to its storied lineage.
Finish: Bold and enduring, with flavors lingering like fond memories.

Bottle Engraving: The Balcones bottle, bearing a design that echoes both tradition and innovation, offers a platform for personal expressions. A space above the label is poised for succinct sentiments, while the side of the bottle opens up possibilities for more elaborate inscriptions. Such thoughtful engravings transform the bottle from merely a vessel of exquisite whisky into a treasured memento, encapsulating stories and moments in every etched detail.