Bomberger's Declaration 2021 Release Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Bomberger’s Declaration Distillery Bourbon, with its 2021 release, delves deep into the art of whiskey-making, harnessing the unique properties of a rare oak species. This oak, known to impart bolder and more robust flavors than the standard White Oak, has been explored by only a few, including the renowned Buffalo Trace in their Charter Oak series.

Michter’s, in its quest to make the Bomberger’s line truly exceptional, chose to bottle it at 108 proof. Given that Michter’s Barrel Strength Bourbon single barrels have ranged between 107 and 110 proof, it's believed that Bomberger’s is near barrel proof, intensifying its flavors. Notably, Michter’s introduces all their whiskey into barrels at 103 proof, further enhancing the whiskey's character.


A harmonious blend of Fig Newtons, Heath candy bar, and a hint of toasted marshmallow. This aroma, reminiscent of a decade-old whiskey, strikes a perfect balance between aged notes and sweetness.

A luxuriously thick and creamy texture greets the senses. Dominant oak, complemented by rich tobacco and leather, sets the stage. Almond brittle, velvety vanilla crème, and slightly burnt caramel elevate classic bourbon notes, making them more indulgent. Hints of black cherries and raisins add a fruity dimension, resulting in a palate that's impeccably balanced and exudes maturity.

The finish leans towards a drier oak but retains moisture. It's adorned with cinnamon, clove, and more tobacco. Almond extract makes a reappearance, accompanied by a touch of pepper. A dash of whipping cream rounds off the finish, ensuring a smooth and delightful end.

Every bottle of Bomberger’s Declaration Distillery Bourbon 2021 is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and innovation that defines the brand, offering a tasting experience that's both rich and memorable.

The Bomberger’s 2021 bottle, with its intricate design and rich history, is an excellent canvas for engraving. Beneath its labels lies ample space, perfect for personalization. Our skilled artisans ensure that your message or design is engraved with precision, making each bottle a cherished keepsake that resonates with its storied past.