Casamigos Margarita Gift Set

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Step into a world of premium Blanco tequila and perfect the art of crafting margaritas with our exclusive Margarita Gift Set.

The centerpiece of this ensemble, Casamigos Blanco Tequila, is renowned as a good tequila for margaritas. Made from 100% Blue Weber agave, this smooth and appealing spirit harmoniously marries sweet agave notes with a fresh, clean finish. The versatile flavor of Casamigos Blanco is the ultimate choice for creating tantalizing margaritas that delight the senses.

Beyond having a good tequila for margaritas, this set is an embodiment of sophistication and style. It comes complete with a high-quality cocktail shaker, empowering you to mix your cocktails to the highest standards. Bottle Engraving offers an engraving service for the bottle of Casamigos, the cocktail shaker, and the beautiful wooden case that contains the set, making it an exceptional personalized gift for a loved one or an impressive addition to your home bar. To complement your cocktail-making journey, you can add carefully crafted margarita glasses, rounding off your serving needs with a touch of elegance.

But what's a margarita gift set without that distinctive zing and a rim of salt? This cocktail gift set also includes Lime Margarita Salt, adding that special touch to each cocktail, and the Stirrings Margarita Mix, a tried and true blend that ensures you'll achieve the perfect balance of flavor in every batch. Celebrate the fusion of tradition, style, and quality with the Casamigos Margarita Gift Set and elevate your cocktail experience to a whole new level. Order yours today and uncover the allure of Casamigos tequila cocktails.

Gift Set Includes:

  • Crate, pine, 9x12x6"
  • Casamigos Blanco Tequila, 750ml bottle
  • Stirrings Simple Margarita Mix, 750ml bottle
  • Rokz Lime Margarita Salt, 4oz can
  • Acopa Stainless Steel 3-Piece Cobbler Cocktail Shaker, 16 oz.