Cierto Extra Anejo Tequila

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Indulge in the distinct complexity of this Extra Añejo tequila, a rare gem brimming with sophisticated notes of caramel, cherries, and dark chocolate. Lauded by the Beverage Testing Institute, it is described as a "delicate and elegant extra añejo," boasting finely restrained oak nuances and an exceptional texture. Its remarkable smoothness and silkiness set it apart as an outstanding tequila of exquisite quality.

This tequila undergoes a prolonged maturation period of 48 months in French Limousin Oak barrels, imbuing it with its refined flavors and unique character.

Accolades for this tequila are impressive and wide-ranging. It has achieved a high score of 98 points from the Tasting Panel, 97 points from the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, and another 97 points from the LA Invitational Spirits Challenge.

As of now, this distinguished Extra Añejo has been honored with a total of 97 awards, reflecting its prestige within the spirits industry. Its rich, nuanced flavor profile and unmatched smoothness make it an exceptional choice for those seeking a premium tequila experience.