Colonel E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey

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Step back in time to the pre-Prohibition era, under the vigilant guidance of Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr., and encounter a bourbon that embodies that storied epoch.

Color: Gaze upon its rich, amber depths, reminiscent of whiskey drawn directly from time-worn barrels.

Aroma: Inhale a story. Rich, ripe berries greet you, harmoniously intertwined with lush caramel, and a soft, floral undertone. It's an olfactory journey through a century-old warehouse.

Taste: Experience history with every sip. The robust spiciness, interlaced with warm vanilla, toasted oak, and invigorating pepper, paints a vivid tableau of Taylor's era - unfiltered, uncut, and undeniably potent.

Finish: The legacy endures with a resonating rye essence, complemented by lingering notes of succulent fruit, encapsulating the indomitable spirit of its namesake.

This bourbon is more than a drink; it's a tribute to Taylor's unwavering vision and the timeless traditions of Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Bottle Engraving: Add a personal touch to this liquid history, turning your bottle into a treasured memento that echoes the grandiosity of Taylor's era.