Colonel E.H. Taylor Cured Oak Bourbon

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"The Cured Oak" is the special edition of Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr., a tribute to a heritage of excellence and innovation in whiskey-making established in the 1800s. This unique Bourbon is aged in oak barrels with staves cured for an extraordinary 13 months, well beyond the industry standard, embodying a meticulous process that extracts the rich characters deep within the wood. Housed in the historic Warehouse C, built by Colonel Taylor himself, this release is a commemoration of tradition and a pursuit of superior quality.

This edition is a testament to Colonel Taylor's relentless pursuit of crafting the finest whiskey, transcending the norms of the industry. The extended curing process of the barrel staves, followed by a 17-year maturation in a cooler brick and mortar warehouse, showcases a harmonious marriage of time-honored traditions and innovative techniques.


  • Appearance: The bottle, with its classic design, embodies the essence of craftsmanship and a legacy of whiskey-making.
  • Nose: A delightful array of fruity and woody notes, infused with citrus, brown sugar, and dried dark fruits, enveloping the senses in a dance of sweet and earthy aromas.
  • Palate: A rich blend of maraschino cherries, oak, brown sugar with hints of leather, tobacco, and a touch of citrus and spice, creating a robust yet balanced profile that intrigues and satisfies.
  • Finish: A medium fade of wood, maraschino, spice, and dark sweets, leaving a lasting impression of a well-rounded, smooth whiskey.

    Bottle Engraving: The Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr.'s "The Legacy Oak" bottle, with its refined craftsmanship, is ideal for personalized engraving. Whether it's a special message, a date, or a unique design, it transforms this exceptional whiskey into a cherished memento, perfect for gifting or commemorating significant moments.