Colonel E.H. Taylor Four Grain 2017 Bourbon Whiskey

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Journey to a pivotal moment in American history, the post-Civil War era, where Col. Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. channeled his grain trading acumen into a dream - producing unparalleled whiskey.

Color: Peer into its deep amber, each shade resonating with its storied twelve-year maturation.

Aroma: Breathe in legacy. Captivating hints of caramel and vanilla, intertwined with spicy undertones, paint a vivid picture of Taylor's dedication to using only the finest grains.

Taste: Let Taylor's vision unfold on your palate. This Four Grain bourbon, a harmonious blend of corn, rye, wheat, and malted barley, offers sweetness balanced exquisitely with notes of clove and pepper.

Finish: As it lingers, it's a testament to Taylor's foresight - a perfectly balanced bourbon that speaks of his uncompromising standards and relentless pursuit of excellence.

This Four Grain bourbon isn't merely a drink; it's an odyssey through Taylor's era, a tribute to a visionary who believed in perfection and the immense potential of exceptional grains.

Bottle Engraving: Immortalize your experience or sentiment on this bottle, turning it into a cherished keepsake that resonates with the grandeur of Col. Taylor's epoch.