Crown Royal Blackberry Flavored Canadian Whiskey

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Discover the newest gem in our esteemed lineup: Crown Royal Blackberry Flavored Whisky. This special edition is a tribute to the joys of summer, presenting an innovative blend that's both invigorating and opulent. Our master blender has carefully chosen select Crown Royal whiskies, skillfully infusing them with the bold, succulent essence of ripe blackberries. This masterful blend elevates the classic richness of Crown Royal Blended Whisky with the lively zest of summer fruits. The outcome is a remarkably smooth whisky, overflowing with the delectable flavor of blackberries, ensuring each sip is a richly indulgent affair. Ideal for enjoying neat, over ice, or as part of a cocktail, Crown Royal Blackberry is set to be your next summer delight, showcasing the unmatched smoothness and excellence synonymous with Crown Royal.