Crown Royal Golden Apple Limited Edition Canadian Whiskey

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Immerse yourself in the distinctive character of Crown Royal Golden Apple Whisky 23-Year-Old, a rare blend that marries time-honored craftsmanship with the vibrant flavors of Golden Delicious Apples. The meticulous creation of this blend was a labor of love, perfected over a considerable period to achieve a sublime balance.

The first Crown Royal whisky was born out of exceptional craftsmanship, blending 50 remarkable whiskies into one royal expression. It was presented in a sophisticated glass bottle adorned with a regal purple robe, a tribute to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth's visit to Canada in 1939. As a symbol of Canadian spirit and dedication, the bottle even traveled on the Royal train.

Today, Crown Royal upholds its reputation as the epitome of Canadian whisky, renowned for its velvety smooth taste and polished style, echoing its origins. The Crown Royal Golden Apple Whisky 23-Year-Old adds a layer of delightful complexity with the addition of Golden Delicious Apple flavors to the aged whiskies, making it a unique and sought-after expression in the Crown Royal family. Enjoy this remarkable blend and be a part of Crown Royal's rich and royal history.