Don Julio 1942 and 1942 Ultima Tequila Bundle

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Embrace the remarkable legacy of Don Julio with our premium Don Julio 1942 and 1942 Ultima Reserva Tequila Bundle. This pairing pays homage to the year that Don Julio González began his tequila-making journey and celebrates his final agave harvest.

Don Julio 1942, an exceptionally crafted añejo tequila, encapsulates the passion and craftsmanship that defines Don Julio González's legacy. This rich, velvety tequila presents enticing notes of warm oak, vanilla, and roasted agave for a truly immersive tasting experience.

1942 Ultima Reserva is a testament to Don Julio's final agave harvest in 2006, a year that marked an end of an era in tequila craftsmanship. Distilled with painstaking precision, this tequila was aged using the Solera system, a method that uniquely combines and matures tequilas of different profiles in various cask types. At its core, this system preserves the final agave harvest's exceptional quality, creating an extraordinary Extra Añejo Tequila. The Ultima Reserva has been rested in oak, previously used to age bourbon, and then given a finish in Madeira wine-seasoned casks, yielding an exquisite layering of flavors.

The Don Julio 1942 and 1942 Ultima Reserva Tequila Bundle offers an unforgettable voyage into the heart of Don Julio's tequila heritage. Whether you're savoring it neat, on the rocks, or in a bespoke cocktail, this pairing guarantees an exceptional tasting experience.