Dos Artes Joven Ceramic Bottle Tequila

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Dos Artes Joven Ceramic Bottle Tequila, crafted in the highlands of Amatitán, Jalisco, is a unique and sophisticated spirit that perfectly encapsulates the artistry of Mexican tequila production. Under the expert guidance of Master Distiller León Bañuelos, this tequila is a beautiful blend of tradition and innovation, showcasing the rich flavors of 100% Blue Agave.

The creation of Dos Artes Joven begins with the meticulous selection and cooking of the agave in autoclaves, ensuring a consistent and flavorful base. The agave juice is extracted using a Roll Mill, a method that carefully preserves the essence of the agave. The fermentation process is both natural and hybrid, enhanced by the classical music effect, which is believed to positively influence the fermentation process, adding complexity and depth to the tequila.

After undergoing double distillation in traditional Alambique (Pot Still), Dos Artes Joven presents itself as a unique blend. It combines the bright, unaged Plata with a 10-month aged Reposado, which has been matured in American oak and Brazilian Amburana wood barrels. This aging process contributes to the tequila's complexity and depth, while maintaining its 40% alcohol volume.

The aromatic phase of Dos Artes Joven is a sensory delight, featuring notes of minerality and ginger, combined with lime pith and fresh agave. Floral notes and a hint of peppermint add an extra layer of aroma, making it an enticing experience even before the first sip. When it comes to taste, this tequila is characterized by its light body, with the freshness of agave taking center stage. Accompanying this are the flavors of white pepper and lime, along with subtle herbaceous notes, creating a well-rounded and enjoyable tasting experience.

Bottle Engraving: This personal touch makes each bottle a unique piece of art, perfect for gifting or as a collector's item. The engraved ceramic bottle not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds a special, individualized element to this exquisite tequila. Whether it’s for a special occasion, a personal milestone, or as a bespoke gift, the engraved Dos Artes Joven bottle stands as a symbol of quality, craftsmanship, and the rich heritage of Mexican tequila making.