Esperanto Seleccion Supremo Extra Añejo 4 Years Tequila

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The best tequila ever made by this tequila company. Aged 5 years in limousin french oak and extremely limited. This 100% Extra Añejo Tequila, produced in the Highlands region of Jalisco. This is a splendid signature tequila, aged in fine American oak for 50 months, and sure to delight connoisseurs and casual fine spirits lovers alike with its surprising tastes and aromas. COLOR A bright tequila with dark amber hues, featuring smoothness and great body when poured in a glass. Nose features fine notes of berries, coconut, and vanilla blended with woody aromas, as well as subtle notes of honey. This combines perfectly with balanced notes of alcohol. FLAVOR Taste confirms nose notes, featuring fine sweet notes of berries, honey, vanilla, coconut, and wood—among many other subtle notes that the palate gradually discovers. It is certainly a delight to enjoy this great Extra Añejo Tequila.