Four Roses 130 Anniversary Limited Edition Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

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Exactly 130 years ago, the world of whiskey was graced with a romantic tale. Paul Jones Jr., a passionate whiskey connoisseur, named his Bourbon "Four Roses" in honor of the moment his beloved accepted his proposal with a corsage of four red roses. From that heartfelt gesture, a legacy was born. Through the sands of time, Four Roses has witnessed the ebb and flow of history – from Prohibition's shadow to the brilliance of moon landings and the tumult of world wars.

As you delve deeper, you'll discover a treasure trove of artifacts and memorabilia that celebrate the rich tapestry of Four Roses' history. Each piece is a testament to the brand's resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality. And as we cherish the past, we also invite you to be a part of our story by sharing your own Four Roses memories and keepsakes.

As we raise our glasses to commemorate the 130th Anniversary of Four Roses, we also look forward with anticipation and hope. Here's to the legacy of love and dedication that has defined Four Roses, and to the promise of 130 more years of shared moments and exquisite bourbon.

Every bottle of Four Roses is not just a container of exquisite bourbon, but a vessel of history, love, and dedication. It stands as a testament to Paul Jones Jr.'s romantic gesture and the legacy that followed.

The Four Roses bottle, with its timeless design and deep-rooted history, offers a perfect canvas for engraving. Our skilled artisans ensure that your personalized message or design is engraved with precision, making each bottle a unique keepsake that resonates with the brand's 130-year journey of love and legacy.