Glenmorangie 14 Year Old Port Cask Finish Quinta Ruban Scotch Whiskey

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Step into the world of Glenmorangie 14 Year Old Port Cask Finish and embark on a journey where Scottish craftsmanship meets the vibrant soul of Portuguese vineyards.

Color: Admire its deep ruby hue, enriched by the port, shimmering with glints of sunset gold, painting a picture of a serene evening in a Portuguese vineyard.

Aroma: Inhale deeply. The initial scent of American White Oak mingles effortlessly with the sweet undertones of ruby port. There's a dance of dried fruits and a whisper of cocoa, reminiscent of a festive evening in a rustic wine estate.

Taste: Savor the moment. The rich sweetness of port wine envelops the palate, followed by a burst of citrus and a touch of creamy caramel. The dance between the dry oak and the sweet port is both tantalizing and harmonious.

Finish: A lingering warmth, with the sweetness of the port leaving a lasting impression, much like the memory of a perfect evening that stays with you long after it's gone.

Glenmorangie 14 Year Port Cask Finish is more than just a whisky; it's a testament to the art of wood finishing, a technique Glenmorangie pioneered. It's where the robustness of bourbon barrels meets the elegance of Portuguese Ruby port pipes, creating a drink that's both rich and refined.

Bottle Engraving: Add a touch of personal elegance to your Glenmorangie. Whether it's a heartfelt message, a significant date, or a simple name, an engraved bottle becomes a treasure of moments and memories.