Heaven's Door Straight Rye Whiskey

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Experience the refined taste of tradition and innovation with Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey. Aged for seven long years in new, charred American oak barrels, this exquisite spirit is a masterful rendition of artisanal whiskey making.
What sets this whiskey apart is its unique finishing process. In a departure from tradition, Heaven's Door Straight Rye Whiskey is finished in toasted oak cigar barrels, sourced from the serene low-lying mountainous region of Vosges, France. This proprietary process, never before used in whiskey making, brings a new dimension of complexity and elegance to the spirit.
This innovative finish results in a smoother, more approachable rye, allowing the distinct notes of citrus and spice to shine brightly, while still maintaining the traditional warmth and depth of a classic rye. The toasted oak cigar barrels impart a unique character to the whiskey, endowing it with a delicate smoothness and sophistication.
Add a personal touch with our bottle engraving service. The back of the bottle can be inscribed with your personalized message, turning this rye whiskey into a unique keepsake. Coupled with the stunning artwork on the front, this bottle of whiskey becomes an object of admiration and enjoyment.
Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey represents the perfect marriage of tradition and novelty, offering a whiskey experience that is both familiar and fresh. This is more than just a beverage - it's an exploration of flavors, an adventure in whiskey craftsmanship. Celebrate the art of whiskey making, and savor the unique taste of Heaven’s Door with every sip.