Hibiki 17 Year Old Blended Japanese Whisky

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Hibiki Whisky, aptly named "Kanzen" or "complete" in Japanese, is a perfect symphony of numerous malt and grain whiskies. These whiskies are carefully chosen and blended. The result is a captivating symphony of flavors and aromas. This enchanting, evolving, and intriguing blend epitomizes the unparalleled art of blending, impeccable craftsmanship, and an aura of luxury from the House of Suntory.
This whisky is a tribute to the Japanese spirit, nature, and its people. Hibiki is the most acclaimed blended whisky in Japan. It also holds a place of honor among the most esteemed whiskies globally.
Hibiki 17 Year Old, a globally recognized Japanese blend, is created using aged malt and grain whiskies from Suntory's distilleries. Introduced for the first time in 1989, this blend is aged in Japanese Mizunara oak casks at Yamazaki. The name Hibiki stands for harmony, and it's evident that this harmony is wonderfully achieved in this iconic blend.