High West The Prisoner's Share Bourbon Whiskey

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Introducing High West Prisoner's Share, an extraordinary limited release that pushes the boundaries of whiskey craftsmanship. This unique expression is aged in barrels that once held The Prisoner wine, adding an unprecedented layer of complexity and richness to the spirit.

This whiskey is a testament to High West's commitment to innovation and quality. The aging process in The Prisoner wine barrels infuses the whiskey with a unique blend of flavors, elevating it to a realm of luxury and rarity.

Nose: The aroma captivates the senses with a harmonious blend of dark fruits, oak, and subtle wine undertones, inviting a deeper exploration.

Palate: The first sip unveils a complex array of flavors—robust whiskey notes harmoniously blended with the lush, fruity nuances imparted by The Prisoner wine barrels.

Finish: The whiskey concludes with a rich, lingering finish, leaving an indelible impression that beckons for another contemplative sip.

Bottle Engraving: The exquisitely designed bottle serves as an ideal canvas for personalized engraving, transforming this already extraordinary whiskey into a bespoke keepsake that will be cherished by any aficionado.

Additional Details:

  • Extremely rare and limited-release
  • Aged in The Prisoner wine barrels

This is a whiskey experience like no other, offering a rare and limited opportunity to savor the artistry of High West's innovative barrel-aging techniques.