Jack Daniel's Twice Barreled 2022 Special Release American Single Malt Whiskey

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Introducing Jack Daniel's Twice Barreled 2022 Special Release American Single Malt Whiskey, a groundbreaking expression that marks our fifth annual special release. This year, we celebrate a brand-new grain bill from the Jack Daniel Distillery, featuring 100% malted barley. This whiskey is a unique experience, charcoal mellowed and twice barreled for unparalleled complexity.

Crafted from the highest quality malted barley, this special release undergoes two distinct aging processes. Initially aged in brand new American white oak barrels, it is then finished in the finest Oloroso sherry casks, resulting in a whiskey of extraordinary depth and character.

Nose: The aroma captivates with its complex interplay between the rich malted barley and the sweet, nutty notes imparted by the Oloroso sherry casks.

Palate: The first sip unveils a harmonious blend of flavors—malted barley and the luxurious, fruity notes of Oloroso sherry, creating a rich and layered tasting experience.

Finish: The whiskey concludes with a robust finish, leaving a lasting impression of complex flavors that beckon for another contemplative sip.

Bottle Engraving: The beautifully designed bottle is an ideal canvas for personalized engraving. The space on the side of the bottle allows for a unique inscription, transforming this already extraordinary whiskey into a cherished keepsake for any enthusiast.