Jose Cuervo De La Famila Platino Tequia

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Jose Cuervo De La Familia Platino Tequila is a premium tequila that represents craftsmanship and tradition. It's crafted by one of the oldest and most esteemed tequila distilleries in Mexico. Unlike many tequilas, it goes through a unique process called "Esencia de Agave". The process enhances the natural flavors of the agave plant. The result is a very smooth and clean spirit with a balanced flavor profile that has subtle hints of vanilla and citrus.

Bottle Engraving: This Platino Tequila comes in a beautifully designed bottle, which makes it a perfect gift for a special occasion or a treat for a tequila connoisseur. We can engrave it on the front above the label if it is one line. If it more text and/or logo there,' plenty of space on the back and the side of the bottle.