Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo Tequila

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Reserva de la Familia® Extra Añejo is the crowning achievement of the Jose Cuervo family's tequila range, boasting numerous awards. Made exclusively from the most flavorful inner parts of the heart of 10-12-year-old agaves, this tequila is a showcase of mastery in selection and distillation.

Here are some details about this extra añejo tequila:

Distillery: Jose Cuervo, a name synonymous with premium tequila.

Region: Jalisco, Mexico, known for its prime agave cultivation.

Type: Extra Añejo Tequila, representing the oldest age statement in tequila.

ABV (Alcohol By Volume): Typically around 40%.

Agave: 100% Blue Agave, carefully chosen from plants aged 10-12 years.

Bottle Engraving: Front, Above the label.

The time-intensive process of hand-selecting the finest agaves and utilizing only the most flavorful part of the plant's heart results in a 100% Blue Agave Extra Añejo Tequila of exceptional quality. The extra añejo classification denotes the most extended aging period in tequila production, adding layers of complexity to the spirit.

Reserva de la Familia® Extra Añejo's exceptional character is a testament to the time-honored traditions and craftsmanship of the Jose Cuervo family. This tequila is recommended to those who appreciate this Mexican spirit's finer, more sophisticated expressions.