Libbey 12oz Customizable Cactus Margarita Glasses (Set of 2)

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Boasting a bold juniper stem, our trendy cactus margarita glasses are designed to command attention. Ideal for presenting margaritas, whether frosty or on the rocks, these glasses are a fun and festive addition to any restaurant, bar, or tapas lounge. The cactus-shaped stem beneath the crystal-clear bowl lends a playful vibe to your drink presentation. Masterfully crafted for margaritas, the wide bowl can be skillfully rimmed with salt or sugar, and garnished with fresh fruit to enhance the visual appeal. These glasses aren't limited to just beverages; you can serve dips and desserts for a refreshing twist on your menu. Durability is key, with a chip-resistant rim ensuring these glasses provide long-lasting service. Sourced from the well-renowned Libbey brand, revered since 1818 for their diverse range of high-quality glassware, these margarita glasses uphold the tradition of excellence. Their superior form, feel, and unrivaled clarity communicate an unmistakable message of quality to your patrons. Alongside, our bespoke bottle engraving service further elevates the experience, transforming a simple bottle into a keepsake, making sure your customers recognize they are receiving top-tier products and services.

Height6 1/4 Inches
Bottom Diameter3 Inches
Top Diameter4 3/8 Inches
Capacity 12 oz.
Color - Green
Dishwasher Safe
Made in America
Material - Glass
Shape - Round
Type - Margarita Glasses