Louis Roederer Cristal Brut Champagne

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Louis Roederer Cristal Millesime Brut Champagne, an emblem of opulence and a tribute to the mastery of champagne creation. Emerging from the esteemed vineyards of Louis Roederer, this champagne transcends being merely a beverage, offering an experience that epitomizes grace and refinement.

Heritage: The legacy of Cristal commenced in 1876, tailored for Tsar Alexander II, who desired a champagne of unmatched brilliance and purity. Louis Roederer presented 'Cristal', a luminous, superior-quality champagne showcased in a transparent, flat-bottomed lead-crystal bottle.

Vineyards: Handpicked from the most prestigious Grand Cru vineyards, Cristal's grapes are chosen from the most exquisite chalky soils. These vineyards are nurtured with deep reverence for the environment, capturing the quintessence of the land.

Tasting Notes:

  • Appearance: A shimmering gold, accentuated with amber tints, and marked by a delicate, enduring effervescence.
  • Aroma: A symphony of white fruits, citrus, and berries, harmoniously blended with nuances of toasted almonds, hazelnut, and delectable pastries. Undertones of white blossoms and a smoky whisper enhance its intricacy.
  • Taste: Velvety textures pave the way for a balanced fusion of mature fruits, underscored by a gentle acidity. The wine's profoundness is perfectly counterpoised by its precision and purity, culminating in a prolonged, textured finale.
  • Maturation: While Cristal is delightful in its youth, its authentic essence and depth unfold after prolonged maturation, unveiling intricate toasted undertones and evolving in grace and finesse.

Complement: Its sumptuous yet subtle flavors make it an ideal match for caviar, oysters, and lobster. It also harmonizes splendidly with mildly spiced dishes, enhancing even the most modest culinary delights.

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