Matte Pink Personalized Flask

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Delve into a world of elegance and durability with our Matte Pink Personalized Stainless Steel Flask. This 6 oz. flask is powder-coated for an extraordinary matte finish, enhancing its textured look and feel. The flask's vibrant pink exterior engraves silver, creating a brilliant contrast that's certain to enchant.

This personalized flask offers a unique platform for your creativity. Customize it with your logo, image, or text to create remarkable gifts - perfect for a bridesmaid, a corporate event, or simply a 'just because' gift for him or her. Each engraved flask carries your distinctive touch, marking it as uniquely yours.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, this flask offers a versatility that's truly impressive. It can easily serve as a sophisticated whiskey flask, a lively tequila flask, or carry any other spirit of your preference. Our flask comes complete with an attached leak-resistant cap, ensuring your favorite beverage stays secure.

With the bottle engraving option, this flask becomes more than just a drink container - it evolves into a statement piece, a keepsake, or a memento of a special moment or milestone. Explore the elegance with our Personalized Flask. It's more than just a gift; it's an unforgettable experience.

Product Details
Length 3 5/8"
Height 4 3/8"
Width 0 7/8"
Overall Size 3 5/8"(L) x 4 3/8"(H) x 7/8"(W)
Maximum Personalization Area 3"(L) x 3 1/2"(H)
Color Matte Pink
Lasered Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel