Moët & Chandon Imperial Champagne Gift Set with Personalized Flutes

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Indulge in the epitome of elegance with the Moët & Chandon Imperial Champagne Gift Set. This exquisite set offers a selection of Moët & Chandon's finest champagnes, including the Imperial Brut, Nectar Imperial, Nectar Rose, and Imperial Rose, each embodying the prestige and finesse of the Moët & Chandon legacy.

Champagne Selection:

  • Imperial Brut: A vibrant blend, symbolizing the diversity and richness of the Moët & Chandon vineyards.
  • Nectar Imperial: A sumptuous expression, offering a delightful sweetness and a lush, fruity palate.
  • Nectar Rose: A radiant and romantic rosé, with a seductive aroma and a smooth, graceful finish.
  • Imperial Rose: A glamorous and vivacious rosé, capturing the essence of red fruits with a refined elegance.

Customization Options: Elevate your gift with personalized engraving on both the champagne flutes and the bottle. Choose to inscribe a heartfelt message, a special date, or a name, transforming this gift into a cherished memento of life's most celebratory moments.
The champagne glasses are engraved for FREE.

Presentation: Each set is meticulously arranged within the carton gift box, ensuring an impressive unboxing experience.

Whether it's a grand celebration, a romantic evening, or a gesture of appreciation, the Moët & Chandon Imperial Champagne Gift Set with Engraved Flutes is a testament to timeless luxury and unforgettable experiences.