Old Fitzgerald 8 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey

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Unveiling the Old Fitzgerald 8 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey, a distinguished expression that encapsulates the brand's rich heritage and dedication to excellence. Presented in a decanter reminiscent of the original 1950's Old Fitzgerald diamond design, this Bourbon is a tribute to the brand's illustrious past and the time-honored traditions of Old Fitzgerald.

With roots tracing back to 1884, the Old Fitzgerald brand has a storied history, once being under the stewardship of the iconic Pappy Van Winkle during Prohibition. Acquired by Heaven Hill in 1999, it is now meticulously distilled at the renowned Bernheim Distillery in Louisville, KY. The legacy of Old Fitzgerald is further celebrated in our other esteemed wheated Bourbon expressions: Larceny Small Batch and Larceny Barrel Proof.

Proof: Expertly bottled at a harmonious 100 Proof.

Age: Aged gracefully for 8 years, ensuring depth and character in every sip.

Color: A captivating rich auburn, reflecting its refined aging process.

Nose: Classic Bourbon aromatics, led by brown sugar sweetness, are beautifully intertwined with gentle undertones of oak and cedar.

Taste: Experience a palate of elegance and richness, with flavors of toasted bread and walnuts, complemented by nuances of oatmeal, pecans, and a touch of oak and clove spices.

Finish: The Bourbon leaves a lasting impression with a soft, gentle, and prolonged warmth, inviting you to savor its complexity.

Bottle Engraving: The beautifully crafted Old Fitzgerald 8 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey decanter is an ideal canvas for personalized engraving. Add a heartfelt message or intricate design, turning this exceptional Bourbon into a treasured keepsake, ideal for gifting or marking momentous occasions.