Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Whiskey 2020 Release

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Introducing the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2020 Release, a distinguished edition marking the 20th iteration of this esteemed series. Crafted to commemorate the birthday of the brand's founder, George Garvin Brown, this release also celebrates a monumental 150 years since the inception of the company in 1870.

Heritage: Old Forester stands as an emblem of bourbon excellence, with each Birthday Bourbon release paying homage to George Garvin Brown's vision and legacy. The 2020 edition is not just a bourbon; it's a tribute to a century and a half of dedication, passion, and craftsmanship.


  • Proof: Bottled at a refined 98 proof.
  • Composition: A careful selection of 95 barrels, each aged for 10 years and barreled on June 5, 2010. These barrels, chosen for their exceptionally unique character, represent a single day's production of Old Forester.
  • Aroma: A harmonious blend of white floral notes, magnolia, and citrus, complemented by undertones of vanilla, buttery leather, and cocoa powder. This aromatic profile is further enriched with hints of brown sugar, white chocolate shavings, caramel drizzle, and tropical fruit.
  • Taste: A delightful journey of caramel and brittle toffee, evolving into a tropical paradise with flavors of banana, mango, coconut flakes, and macadamia nut.
  • Finish: A lingering and delicately drying finish with a subtle touch of anise.

Bottle Engraving: The elegant design of the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon bottle offers a pristine canvas for personalized engraving. Add a special message, a notable date, or a unique design, transforming this already exceptional bourbon into a treasured memento, perfect for gifting or marking significant milestones.