Redwood Empire Emerald Giant Cask Strength Rye Whiskey

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Emerald Giant Cask Strength is a testament to Redwood Empire's unwavering commitment to the art of distillation, offering a whiskey that is both uncut and unfiltered for a pure, barrel-to-bottle experience.

Nose: The aroma is a comforting blend of herbal tea notes, delicately laced with the warmth of cinnamon and the refreshing tang of dried orange peel. It's an inviting prelude that sets the stage for a rich tasting experience.

Palate: The palate is greeted with the refined taste of Earl Grey tea, which then unfolds into a luxurious, velvety texture reminiscent of dark chocolate enrobing coffee beans. The journey concludes with a satisfyingly warm and spicy finish that beckons for another taste.

Mash Bill: Crafted with precision, the mash bill is composed of 94% Rye, 5% Malted Barley, and 1% Wheat, creating a perfect symphony of flavors where the boldness of rye is the star.

Age: A blend of rye whiskies aged from 4 to 6 years, this selection showcases the beauty of aging and the nuanced evolution of flavors over time.

Proof: At a robust 116.4 proof, Emerald Giant Cask Strength is an expression of strength and character, intended for those who seek the thrill of whiskey in its most honest form.

Bottle Engraving: Elevate your Emerald Giant Cask Strength with our personalized engraving service. Add a name, a heartfelt message, or a date to commemorate a special occasion. This service transforms an already exceptional bottle of whiskey into a treasured memento, perfect for gifting or as a standout piece in your personal collection. An engraved bottle of Emerald Giant Cask Strength is more than just a whiskey; it's a memorable experience captured in glass.