Sugarfina Sweet & Sparkling Candy Bento Box - 3 Piece

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Indulge in the epitome of confectionery elegance with Sugarfina's "Sweet & Sparkling Candy Bento Box® - 3 Piece," a curated selection of delights that encapsulate the essence of celebration. This exquisite box is designed to dazzle, featuring two enchanting variations of our iconic Champagne Gummy Bears alongside the irresistible Sparkle Pops.

Inside the Bento Box, you'll discover:

  • Champagne Gummy Bears: Infused with the exquisite flavors of Brut and Classic Dom Perignon Champagne, these gummy bears are a sophisticated treat for the palate.

  • Sparkle Pops: Experience the thrill of silky milk chocolate bites filled with vibrant popping candy. Each bite is an explosion of flavor and fun, guaranteed to delight.

  • Bubbly Bears: Elevate your taste experience with the classic champagne gummy bears reimagined with a sparkling twist. Coated in sugar for a delightful crunch, tinged with a sour tang, and presented in a radiant pink hue, these bears are irresistibly moreish.

Whether you're expressing congratulations, gratitude, celebrating a birthday, or simply treating yourself, the Sweet & Sparkling Candy Bento Box® is the perfect way to commemorate life's most glittering occasions.

Ingredients and Allergens: Please refer to individual packages inside the Bento Box for detailed nutrition and ingredient information. Be aware that products may contain milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts, catering to a variety of dietary preferences and needs.

Let Sugarfina's Sweet & Sparkling Candy Bento Box® light up your celebrations and turn moments into memories with its uniquely delightful and delicious offerings.