W.L. Weller 12 Year Bourbon Whiskey

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The twelve-year-old W.L. Weller stands as a testament to the mastery of extended aging in the realm of wheated bourbons. With a longer maturation than most of its counterparts, this bourbon delivers a symphony of smoothness and balance, all while donning a mesmerizing deep bronze shade.

FLAVOR PROFILE & CHARACTER This particular W.L. Weller iteration offers a rich tapestry of flavors that engage and delight the senses. It starts with an inviting burst of caramelized sugar and toasted oak, gradually unveiling layers of dried fruits. As the tasting progresses, subtle undertones of vanilla and spice make their presence felt, blending harmoniously with the primary notes.

Nose An inviting blend of caramel sweetness, paired with the deep richness of toasted oak, and a whisper of dried fruits.

Palate A harmonious dance of vanilla and spice, resulting in a flavor profile that's both intricate and balanced, captivating the palate.

Finish A sustained warmth highlighted by a hint of cinnamon, paired with the enduring sweetness of caramel, ensuring a tasting experience that lingers in memory.

The W.L. Weller bottle, celebrated for its elegant design and rich heritage, serves as a perfect canvas for engraving. Our skilled artisans guarantee that every personalized message or design is engraved with precision, making each bottle a unique keepsake that resonates with the brand's dedication to history and craftsmanship.