WhistlePig Summerstock Pit Viper Limited Edition Whiskey

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WhistlePig Summerstock Whiskey Pit Viper is a limited-edition expression from the distinguished WhistlePig distillery, a name that resonates with exquisite craftmanship and pioneering spirit in the world of whiskey. Part of the vibrant Summerstock series, Pit Viper epitomizes the radiant and spirited essence of summer.

The moniker "Pit Viper" imbues a sense of mystery and potency, perfectly mirroring the daring and robust profile of this exceptional whiskey. With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to quality, Pit Viper bears testament to WhistlePig's ability to explore new frontiers of flavor.

The sensory journey begins with the nose, where sweet notes of vanilla, caramel, and honey harmoniously mingle with vibrant bursts of ripe fruits such as apricot and cherry. On the palate, the rye's distinct spice seizes the stage, offering a robust kick that is simultaneously invigorating and gratifying, making every sip a testament to WhistlePig's artistry.

Our bottle engraving service presents an opportunity to enhance the uniqueness of this limited-edition whiskey. Whether you wish to inscribe a personal message or a logo, an engraved bottle of WhistlePig Pit Viper stands as an exceptional gift, or a distinguished addition to your own collection.

WhistlePig Summerstock Whiskey Pit Viper - an epitome of quality, exploration, and the vibrant spirit of summer, offering a sensory journey that's as intriguing and intense as its name suggests.