WhistlePig The Boss Hog VIII Lapulapu’s Pacific Limited Edition Whiskey

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Steeped in deep history and unparalleled craftsmanship, WhistlePig's The Boss Hog VIII Lapulapu’s Pacific stands as a testament to the brand's relentless pursuit of excellence. Every detail, from its elegantly designed bottle to its distinctive label, screams luxury and dedication. A nod to the brand's commitment to delivering unique experiences, this edition promises an adventurous journey through each sip.

Historical Significance: Named after Lapulapu, the legendary Filipino warrior who triumphed over Magellan, this whiskey embodies a tale of defiance, courage, and mastery. It's not just a drink but a narration of a significant chapter from the annals of history.

Nose: As you draw the glass closer, a symphony of aromas enthralls your senses. Expect a harmonious blend of tropical fruits, intermingled with subtle notes of toasted oak and caramel.

Palate: On tasting, it reveals its true character. The whiskey unfolds layers of rich flavors, starting with a hint of sweet mangoes, transitioning to the warm embrace of vanilla and honey, with the occasional spike of spicy rye giving it a delightful complexity.

Finish: The finish is long, luxurious, and lingering. Each sip leaves you with a gentle warmth, with traces of dark chocolate and toasted nuts, inviting you for another.

Strength: As with all Boss Hog editions, expect robust proof that commands respect but delivers an incredibly smooth and harmonious experience.

Bottle Engraving: Our bottle engraving service presents an opportunity to enhance the uniqueness of this limited-edition whiskey. Whether you wish to inscribe a personal message or a logo, an engraved bottle of WhistlePig Boss Hog VIII stands as an exceptional gift or a distinguished addition to your own collection.